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After spending years seeing the harmful effects of synthetic lawn applications on our customers’ trees, shrubs and general lawn health, we have decided to offer this “new age” alternative.  By using a completely organic approach, we can provide lawns with the essential nutrients that will make them  healthier and drought tolerant.  Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides can deprive your lawn of the essential nutrients and organisms that are needed for proper health.


New Look will perform soil test to determine what types and amounts of fertilizers you lawn will positively respond to.  Our program will be an approach that will consist of premium, USDA certified organic fertilizers.  These liquid based fertilizers contain a mix of fish emulsion and seaweed extract, it contains everything a plant needs for good health and vigor. As a plant itself, seaweed contains all of the trace elements that a plant needs in exactly the correct balance.  No other fertilizer type has that benefit. In addition, these trace elements are already in chelated form so that they can be absorbed by the plant more easily. Many other fertilizers do not have this benefit, and therefore are wasted to a certain extent.


In addition, the combination of seaweed and fish in these organic fertilizers give plants great stress, disease, and pest resistance, thus eliminating the need for chemical "icides" applications. This saves you money, effort, and the harmful effects of chemical applications.


The other great benefit of using these organic products is that they are completely universal.  The same fertilizers that we use on your lawn are 100% safe for shrubs, trees, perennials and vegetables.  Flowers respond AMAZINGLY to these same applications. This eliminates the common problems of synthetic fertilizers and “icides” where a windy day of lawn spraying can cause damage to neighboring shrubs and nursery stock. 


A recent study done in Quebec tested children ages three to seven, whose parents had recently applied lawn chemicals.  Breakdown products of organophosphate pesticides were present in 98.7% of the children tested.  To read more about this study,



A truly organic approach to lawn and plant care will be better for your landscape, not to mention the health of your family and pets.   Call us now, for any questions you may have.




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